"I have been using Rate Plug for over 4 years which I have found to be a quick and easy way in producing Financial Flyers in a matter of a few minutes, if that.
The availability of this service is a great way of keeping ones face and financial information in front of our power partners, Realtors. With a Loan Officers busy schedule having Rate Plug at our finger tips is an added bonus to market ourselves.
I believe that not using this service is a "disservice" to promote and offer additional client services to our Realtors. Love it!" 

   Linda Maesano, AnnieMac Home Mortgage

"RatePlug give us a unique leg up on our competition and allows us to become an invaluable resource to our agent partners, whether it is a new agent or senior realtor. Knowledge is power, and this tool gives us access to who is writing business and is active in the market."

   Thomas Bickett, Mortgage Loan Originator

"Absolutely! I would be delighted to chat with them. Even if the agent doesn't use flier's at their listing's, they send them to the seller to send to friends/family to advertise the property. Plus, I always remind them to keep it handy; if someone calls them on their listing and wants an idea of payment---just email the flyer! So simple. I don't have my assistant do them, I do them myself, as it only takes a moment. RatePlug has it all figured out!"

   Bobbi Dickerson, Sr. Loan Officer

"I decided to cancel my Rate Plug account this year, as I did not really feel a huge benefit from it.I was never so wrong! The first day it expired I had 3 calls from agents asking why I no longer was on Rate Plug, and they really felt it was a great benefit as they used it for closing costs, and rates. They also expressed it helped them keep my name in front of their prospects and customer for the mortgage referral."
"I would certainly encourage all loan officers in the program to be mindful of the benefits occurring on the back side, that they don't see." 
"I couldn't renew fast enough after hearing my realtors comments." 
"Thanks again!"

   Michael J. Miley, Branch Manager

"RatePlug has been a very unique opportunity for our sales team to build many new productive agent relationships at the same time that we strengthen the existing agent relationships. One of the key advantages is the opportunity to offer a benign and valuable door opener with a crisp co-branded marketing piece for new agent relationships for their listings and then offering a host of advantages to build upon from there. As a company you'll find that they are not only tenacious in their customer service efforts but also equally tenacious in their efforts to continue to meet the compliance demands of the industry. They are truly a pleasure to work with."

   David Rotell, Area Sales Manager

"Just yesterday I was working in the yard and received a call from an agent. She had taken a client to an open house in the city who had not wanted to speak with me and the listing agent had the RP open house sheet out. It allowed two DC agents who didn't know each other speak about me and ACM. After their exchange the client was more than willing to give me a call."

   Thaddeus Musser

"Thank you Sir! This is awesome technology and for me being new to the company it is very, very impressive!!"

   Mike Cass, Division Manager

That's why I love working with you guys...you guys listen, note, and execute everything extremely quickly.
I sent this over to Legal/Compliance and basically put a little note saying that "RatePlug got everything done in less than 24 hours - so when can I have the updated licensing disclosure"

   Andrew Geissler, Manager

"A total of 4 signups today including a top Keller Williams agent! That represents a 33% positive response rate in less than 12 hours. 
Simple, easy and effective; no better way to describe it."

   Frank Ruzicka, Senior Mortgage Banker

"For several years now I have used the RatePlug program and have found a very efficient way of tying my clients to the best lenders available..."

   Gail Neirmeyer, Coldwell Banker

"My clients were emailing me to tell me how helpful the mortgage information I had displayed was to them while they were searching for properties. Great tool!"

   Mike S, ReMax Agent

"I received a new listing alert from RatePlug first thing in the morning and by noon I had scheduled an appointment with the homebuyers for a million dollar mortgage!"

   John G., Mortgage Originator

"RatePlug has helped me increase my purchase business referrals by partnering me with my Agents in the MLS! "

   Tom G., Mortgage Banker

"By the way, really been beating on my LO?s to utilize RatePlug. Had one LO stand up today and confess that she hadn?t been doing the flyers? started doing them two weeks ago and has three appointments next week with agents and clients!!!  
I think you are going to see an uptick in our usage.
I appreciate the reports you send me and I look around as well. What I keep seeing is we aren?t using the tool, but when we do, it works!" 

   John N. Hess, Market Leader, Movement Mortgage

"It's been five years now since we launched the original Rate Plug product on our brokerage and mortgage consultant websites and I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how pleased Prudential Fox & Roach and Trident Mortgage are with the Rate Plug program. From the beginning both our agents and their clients have loved the fact that we have made it so easy to search for a home and explore financing options on our website. By being a part of our websites for so long, when clients contact a PF&R agent, they know all about Trident Mortgage Company. It has made the agents' ability to introduce their clients to Trident Mortgage Company so much easier. Since launching these tools our mortgage capture rate has increased from 40% to 53%.  
The new MLS tools are a great addition to your product line! Our goal is to try and get in front of the buyers as soon as possible and the combination of the listings with mortgage information and the email alerts being sent to our mortgage consultants has really helped us in that effort. No matter where the buyer starts their search for a home, either on the web or with one of our sales associates, our mortgage company is positioned front and center with the information the buyer needs to make an informed decision.
We have received a steady flow of leads from the RatePlug tool and we are very happy with our decision to partner with RatePlug!
Here is a testimonial regarding the power of the system. We received a lead from a gentleman that was using our site while searching online for a property at the New Jersey shore. He applied online and provided a purchase price of $4.3 million. When the lead came to our mortgage consultant that covers the area he thought the person put in an extra zero. When he contacted the potential customer, we found out he was already working with another brokerage company. When asked why he contacted our mortgage consultant, he replied that our website had everything he needed in one place to know what the payments would be and every time he looked at a property, the mortgage consultant was right there with his picture, contact information and mortgage information. We were able to get the client pre-approved and closed a $3.5 million mortgage from this lead!
Thanks to you and everyone at RatePlug, you are a great partner! We look forward to your next product release, we know that whatever you come up with will enhance our ability to get in front of the customer earlier in the process and increase our capture ration again."

   Christopher L. Rosati, SVP & COO, Trident Mortgage Company

"First I want to thank you and your TEAM for the amazing service I have received over the past 4 plus years! Since I have joined Supreme Lending and learned about Rate Plug, it is an amazing tool that I utilize to obtain business from the LISTING AGENTS!
I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT 25% of my closed volume comes DIRECTLY FROM THE LISTING AGENTS! Most actually even have me in the "broker's remarks" with MLS that all offers with Financing must be Pre Approved by me! ( with the sellers permission of course! ).
The trick is to get the flyers out the minute you send the e mails so that they have them within 48 hours of inputting the listing into the MLS.
I also want to thank you for the speed in which you add my agents photos - SAME DAY TURN AROUND!"

   Sondra Dane, Senior Loan Officer